FDR made dedication at Shenandoah National Park and now so should you

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 3, 2011 4:07 pm

LURAY, VA – Colors, the healing greens and rich browns, soothe us as we gaze into densely, yet delicately, textured woods. The overlapping canopies stir with the breeze while dark trunks both thick and thin rise, reiterating each other with irregularity and grace in a liberated classicism – colonnades set free from their mathematical precision.  These natural beauties are what brings us to enjoy National Parks. However, marveling at natural beauty is only one of many activities to enjoy at Shenandoah National Park. 

The great Appalachian Trail runs for 101 miles through Shenandoah National Park, and it is the greatest distance it runs on any one public land. You can take a drive on Skyline Drive and perhaps see some black bears along your way. Within the forests, you can walk and view amazing waterfalls that cast the tracery of their white cascades over gray rock faces.

The Park has tow visitor’s centers where Rangers are there to help answer all your questions as well as help you plan your adventure. You can also begin planning you journey there by reading the National Park Service’s Getaway article at: www.nps.gov/getaways for ideas of things to do, as well as an introduction to the park’s history and a reminder of some practical considerations.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 75 years ago, made a dedication of Shenandoah National Park saying it’s, “for the recreation and for the re-creation they shall find here.” It’s time to make your own dedication this summer. Get out there and have some fun in our National Parks, especially The Shenandoah National Park.