Mariana Pajon makes Colombian History Winning 2011 UCI BMX World Championships

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 3, 2011 9:51 am

Mariana Pajon  made history this August as she won first place and became the first Columbian to ever win a BMX World Championship.  Pajon won the elite women’s title in Copenhagen at the 2011 UCI BMX World Championships


At the young age of 19, Pajon of Medallin took this race from the gate.  In fact she won every lead up until the race making her a huge favorite.  Defending champion Shanaze Reade (GBR) was eliminated in the semi finals but the current world number one Sarah Walker (NZL) was lined up next to Pajon in the final.  This intimidating positioning didn’t stop Pajon though, who blasted out of the gate overtaking Walker for the win.   Pajon was quoted saying that “My gate was awesome.  It was great. My fastest gate.” 


Previously Pajon won the World Junior BMX Championship but this win gives her a large advantage as she begins preparing for the BMX World Cup Supercross.  This event will be the test run for the course used in the 2012 London Olympics. 


Since 2007 Pajon has been part of a unique group called G4S 4teen, which involves 13 other athletes from 13 countries.  Athletes were picked to be on the global team under the guidance of Haile Gebrselassie a double Olympic champion. The program has enabled Pajon to travel more, improve her equipment and receive valuable guidance.  Most importantly this groups goal is to achieve their sporting dream in the 2012 London Olympics. 


Final scores for the race were: 1 #100 PAJON Mariana COL 1 37.621; 2 #96 WALKER Sarah NZL 2 38.095; 3 #50 POTTIER Magalie FRA 3 38.396.