Time to Hit the Road and Roller Ski

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 5, 2011 3:10 pm

Have you heard of Roller Skiing? The first rollerskis were built in Northern Europe in the 1930′s and Roller Skiing has actually begun to evolve into a competitive sport. However, besides the competition of Roller Skiing, almost all Cross-country skiers use rollerskis during the off-season. 

The rollerski equipment even is inclusive to Cross-country skiing. The same ski bindings and ski boots are used with most rollerskis. The ski poles are also the same as what Cross-country skiers use with the exception of replacing the bottom with a replaced with a tungsten carbide spike.

Sierra Gibson, 17 years old, member of the BC Cross Country Ski Team and teacher of Roller Skiing said, “Cross country skiing is so much easier when you hit the snow after roller skiing in the off-season. You can just jump on your skis, with a few minor adjustments and you are good to go.”

Do you have what it takes to Roller Ski? Check out a quick beginning skills lesson from another rollerskis instructor, Keith Nicol below. It’s time to hit the road and into those rollerskis!