TJ Schiller is Determined for Gold

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 5, 2011 12:22 pm

In December of 2010, the skilled skier TJ Schiller got an injury that would slow things down for him. TJ’s left ACL was severely damaged and he had no other option but to go into surgery to get a new left ACL. Because of the surgery, Schiller was out for months needing time to recover and regain his strength in his left leg. While missing last season because of the wound, the new season is only around the corner and TJ is almost fully recovered.

Schiller has finally put his boots back on and is ready to begin training. With a three-year goal of being an Olympic champ; he says that he has plenty of work ahead of him. Being off the mountain for so long puts him way behind all of his competitors but with a positive state of mind, 28-year-old TJ is determined to achieve his goal and finish off his career strong with a gold.

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