Powderhorn Sells for $1.4 million to Former Vail Resorts Executive Team

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 7, 2011 3:43 pm

Back in June, The Ski Channel reported that the CEO and President of Powderhorn resort in Colorado, Steve Bailey, was retiring and bidding off the resort on August 4, 2011. Well, the bidding took place and the winners were Andy Daly and some of his former Vail Resort Executive team members. Daly and crew purchased Powderhorn for $1.4 million dollars. As a note, this is not the same Andy Daly the actor as seen on MAD TV.

As Nancy Lofholm from the Denver Post quoted Daly, “We really believe Powderhorn is a wonderful gem that has been undercapitalized for a number of years. We want to bring back skiing expertise and capital.” Daly also mentioned that Powderhorn is one of the few resorts in Colorado where he has not skied yet. Looks like he’ll get the opportunity for sure now.

Daly left Vail Resorts back in 2002 to begin an Investment Company. Seems this deal was too good for him to pass up. Welcome back to the resort business!