The 2010 Skizee: A Whole New Look at Ski Propulsion

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 9, 2011 3:04 pm

The 2010 Skizee: A Whole New Look for Ski Propulsion

Jim Maidment’s revolutionary new invention, The Skizee, makes traditional ski poles seem like a thing of the past. Imagine having the power of a snowmobile behind your skiis while traversing across a long stretch of flat mountain. You could get to that steep run of your dreams sooner and without the help of a chairlift, helicopter, or snow cat.

The Skizee is basically a motorized tread that you hold onto and use to propel yourself over flat terrain. Rather than pushing with your arms and depending solely on gravity, you have a 10.5-hp engine with a handle-mounted electric start to get you where you want to be. It’s like having ski patrol escorting you all over the slow parts of the mountain.

Inventive Minds Manufacturing Inc. put this versatile, compact, and powerful product on the market just last year. Designed originally for ski patrol use, the Skizee is still making its way into the commercial sector. There has been some criticism of the product, those who label it as “utterly lazy.” However, with the Skizee you are the suspension, the steering, and the downhill control pilot. Anyone who has skied down a long, steep run can testify that it is certainly not a “lazy” task. The Skizee merely eliminates the monotonous flat ground pushing that takes place in between your two favorite runs. The only other criticism of the product has been it’s pricing at $2,500 (skis not included); but compared to that of a snowmobile, it really isn’t that much. Plus, its compact, rechargable, and environmentally friendly… not to mention it comes in different colors!

Here’s a peak at the Skizee in action:

The Skizee in this vid is also the older 6 1/2 hp prototype. The new Briggs prototype has much more power and is much more capable… keep that in mind while viewing.