Go be with the Joshua Trees in Joshua Tree National Park

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 10, 2011 9:51 am


TWENTYNINE PALMS, CA – This week’s destination in the in the National Park Getaway travel article series is the wondrous Joshua Tree National Park. The Joshua trees are one of a number of unusual and vibrant plants and animals that make a fantastic mini-world found in the Joshua Tree National Park located in Mojave Desert.

The Joshua tree resembles medieval weaponry, but fortunately it inspires admiration and smiles rather than dread. The tree is also known for the equally mystical U2 album “Joshua Tree,” where the band shot the cover and liner note art in the Joshua Tree National Park back in the late 80′s. So you see, you need to get there in the music spirit of U2 if anything.

In addition to the Joshua Tree National Park’s namesake and musical history, visitors take in the fuchsia blooms of beavertail cactus and the flat, spiked lobes of the yellow-green prickly pear. Ocotillo stretches its slender stems skyward, their green lengths terminating in a scarlet plume. Bighorn sheep climb on rocks, and black-tailed jackrabbits bound among the cacti and low trees.    

Joshua Tree National Park promises adventures to those who explore its exotic terrain. To learn more about the activities available to a park visitor, check out the article at www.nps.gov/getaways.