The Ski Channel Presents More Original Programming with: Lake Placid

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 11, 2011 2:03 pm

Where were you when The U.S.A Olympic hockey team beat Russia’s? Were you there, in Lake Placid, NY? Have you ever seen its beauty? Well, now you can.

The Ski Chanel presents the original programming of: Lake Placid, where Host Steve Schlanger explores activities in, and the history of, the famous Olympic town of Lake Placid, NY. Besides being gorgeous, it breeds many Winter Olympic athletes like great alpine ski racer Olympian Andrew M. Weibrecht.

And even though the Winter Olympics haven’t been back there since 1980, that doesn’t mean the amount of people and excitement isn’t still there. The hustle and bustle of the community and visitors make Lake Placid, NY a very special place. There’s definitely something in the water.

Catch Lake Placid on The Ski Channel now until November 10.


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Watch a trailer for Lake Placid now right here: