Sugarbush Debuts the For20s Pass for the Young and the Broke

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 4, 2011 12:35 am

Sugarbush, VT – Just because you’re ordering off the dollar menu doesn’t mean you can’t afford to get out and ride this season. Sugarbush Resort knows those of us in our 20s have it rough these days.  Being such an age of transition, not to mention the lackluster economy can make getting out to the mountain fall in priority behind other major life decisions.  A brief period of unaffordability may cause riders to forget how amazing the mountain is, and risk losing touch with the sport.  

Sugarbush’s For20s Pass was created in the hopes of making getting out to the mountain a financially feasible option and prevent any undue hiatuses. 

“People in their 20s are busy starting careers and in some cases starting families. At Sugarbush, we want to make sure that they’re also keeping skiing and snowboarding part of their lives,” said Win Smith, president of Sugarbush. “I first skied in college when I was 19 and didn’t return to skiing until I was 35. I missed a lot of great skiing during those years.”

For just $299, riders can purchase a season pass to enjoy the 2600’ of vertical, 111 trails, and more than 20 wooded areas of Sugarbush Resort’s two mountains, Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen.  

This rate is available until September 14th for ages 19-29, so make moves and get your pass asap.