European Team Takes the Lead After Day One of the Swatch Skiers Cup

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 6, 2011 5:05 pm


VALLE NEVADO, CHILE – The first ever Swatch Skiers Cup kicked off yesterday with 16 members of the world freeskiing elite squaring-off in a head-to-head Big Mountain Competition.

Team Americas got off to a great start, with both Chopo Diaz and Oakley Whiteallen earning early victories agains their opponents, however the Europeans seemed to have a fire lit underneath their skis during the next six heats leading them to a 6:2 win for the day. 

Day 1 – Big Mountain Results:

Team Americas   vs Team Europe



Chopo Diaz 1   0 Seb Michaud
Oakley Whiteallen 1   0

Chris Booth

Matt Margetts

0   1 Nicolas Vuignier

James Heim

0   1 Henrik Windstedt

Josh Bibby

0   1 Markus Eder

Rory Bushfield

0   1 Richard Permin

Dylan Hood

0 1 Sverre Liliequist
Dana Flahr 0   1

Kaj Zackrisson

These scores will carry-over into Friday’s Backcountry Slopestyle Event.

Check back for coverage throughout the week as the competition continues!