Ortovox Avalanche Arsenal Improved by the New SI+ Beacon

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 6, 2011 10:40 am

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — Ortovox introduces the new S1+ and enhanced 3+ avalanche beacons for Fall/Winter 2011-12, further establishing Ortovox as the dominant leader in avalanche transceiver technology.

Ortovox is an established leader in the avalanche transceiver industry with introduction of the new S1+ and enhanced 3+ avalanche beacons for Fall/Winter 2011-12.

The S1+ builds on the successes of its predecessor the S1 beacon, and has quickly dominated the market as the fastest, most accurate, and user-friendly product in its class. The S1+ includes a superior 3-antenna system for advanced pinpoint accuracy and adds more sophisticated signal analysis and separation for the most user-friendly experience.  The S1+ has remained the most popular portable beacon because of it intuitive ease of use and updatable technologies that keep up with the state of the art rescue instrumentation.

Ortovox S1+ Technology & Benefits:

Smart antenna technology: Analyzes orientation of transmitting antenna and automatically switches to best coupled antenna, eliminates vertical burial scenarios
Multiple burial flagging and unflagging
Sophisticated signal analysis and separation: Compatible with all transceivers, regardless of signal or pulse rates
Longer Y-antenna for greater overall receiving range
Streamlined LCD menu with fewer, yet more intuitive icons
Easy-read graphic screen gives a more complete overview of the burial scenario
Direction arrow now also points backward
Better backward compatibility for older transceivers
Makes your buddy’s older transceiver work better to find you faster
45 degree receiving system to accelerate finding non-Smart Antenna beacons in vertical burial orientation
Ortovox 3+ Technology & Benefits:
Simultaneous indication of direction, distance and sound at maximum range
Superior longer range
Smart Antenna system
3-Antenna System
Easy to use beacon checking device to evaluate your partners beacon
Best system in the US for updating beacon technology: FREE firmware upgrades: The Ortovox Up Box offers the user a more user-friendly, longer relationship with your preferred beacon. Available at Signature Ortovox dealers, the Up Box enables the user to update the firmware for free at their convenience. No fees, no long turn-around time. Picking a beacon that can stay with you for years allows a stronger bond and greater confidence when venturing into avalanche terrain.
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About Ortovox:
Based in Taufkirchen, Germany, Ortovox is the world’s leading brand of avalanche transceivers and safety equipment. 30+ years of evolution and experience in the mountains enables Ortovox to offer a wide range of products catering to mountaineers and adventurers whose playgrounds are the mountains of the world