Red Bull Media House Presents The Art of Flight World Premiere in New York City

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 7, 2011 5:12 pm

NEW YORK CITY, NY – The good folks at Red Bull have been building anticipation for their latest film “The Art of Flight”, and why wouldn’t they? With a rumored budget of over 2 million, cutting edge production equipment, and elite athletes pushing the evolution of mountain sports right off the tallest cliff in Patagonia — this film is the essence of epic. Those lucky enough to pick up tickets for the sold out show at the famous Beacon Theater are surely being treated to a spectacle in sports entertainment.

Plus Travis Rice and Brainstorm Productions behind it, how could you possibly assume otherwise?

Interested in attending an upcoming showing in your area?  Check out for tour dates and to purchase tickets.

For now, to quell your hunger for untouched backcountry awesomeness, check out the trailer for the film.  Still hungry?  Watch, and repeat as neccesary.


If you are interested in the goose bump inciting song on the trailer it’s called “Fire Shall Devour Them” by The Three Corners of the Earth, a collaboration between M83′s Anthony Gonzalez and Curt Morgan from Brain Farm.