Treble Cone is Enjoying a Great Spring Season and an Upsurge in Aussie Visitors

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 8, 2011 10:36 am

LAKE WANAKA, NZ – It’s full-blown spring at Treble Cone Mountain Resort in New Zealand. The Treble Cone team has reported a great season filled with fun and improvement for skiers and riders alike. Despite the immenent thaw approaching, there are numerous upcoming events in-store for September and the mountain will be enjoyed until the last flake turns into a drip.

Treble Cone is not just for Kiwis though, they have reported a hugh upsurge in international traffice, namely from their Aussie cousins. There has been a 100% growth in online travel package bookings between 2010 and 2011, 75% of which are coming from Australia.

Increasing interest in Wanaka as a winter holiday destination has seen bookings made via grow substantially over the last two years. Previously figures show bookings to be 50% Kiwi and 50% Australian but current statistics show this relationship to have shifted to 75% Australian and 25% New Zealand highlighting the improving strength of the Australian market.

All of the Treble Cone holiday packages offered online are based in Wanaka and use local amenities generating many economic and social benefits to the township.

“We are really pleased with the recent growth in online packages. In addition to supporting the varied package options, it’s also building strong interest in Wanaka as a winter destination. An additional benefit of this interest is leakage of inquiry around them direct to many local services,” said Nigel Kerr, Treble Cone marketing manager.

Australia is New Zealand’s biggest inbound tourism market and accounts for around half of its visitors. Easy air access, high profile and a favourable exchange rate have seen a strong growth in visitor arrivals since April 2009 – according to Tourism New Zealand reporting.

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