Video of the Day: The Grand Bizarre Trailer from Poor Boyz Productions

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 12, 2011 2:11 pm

We are going to start something new and offer up a video of the day as part of The Ski Channel’s daily news feed. 

To kick things off, we have the latest trailer from Poor Boyz Productions, The Grand Bizarre.

Prepare to be captivated by breathtaking powder runs, huge hits, and the kinkiest rails. Riders take their search for the most progressive urban riding enviroments ever contimplated across North America and Finland. Talent includes the likes of Bobby Brown whose name resonated across the industry when news broke of his tripe cork 1440; and Simon Dumont who tackles the first ever cubed superpipe.

Also featured are Sammy Carlson, Dane Tudor, LJ Strenio, Nick Martini, Bene Mayr, Charley Ager, Tim Durtschi, Riley Leboe, Leigh Powis, and more.

While viewing, please join me at the 1:59 mark for a collective “WHAT!!!!”


The Grand Bizarre (Official Trailer) from Poor Boyz Productions on Vimeo.