Want to Join the Ski Patrol? They’re Always Hiring

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 18, 2011 10:59 am

DENVER, CO - The National Ski Patrol does more than just keep skiers and snowboarders safe on the hill, they also provide a support network to its members. Over the past 70 years the NSP has been guiding the evolution of on-slope saftey standards, as well as fostering a community for those who wear the cross and dedicate themselves to snow sports.

Through ongoing education, training and service, the NSP has become the voice and character of snow sports rescuers nationwide. Founded in 1938, the NSP has grown to almost 30,000 volunteers (“volleys”) and pro patrollers at over 650 patrols across the United States.

NSP benefits include an award-winning training program for patrollers and other outdoor enthusiasts who deal with emergency scenarios. NSP’s Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) certification is a competency-based course that teaches individuals how to deal with emergencies in the outdoor environment. Special emphasis is put on cold-weather illness, high altitude illness, ski and snowboard injuries, wilderness extrications and the specialized equipment needed for emergency care and transportation in any environment. NSP also offers education programs in Avalanche, Mountain Travel, and Rescue and Instructor Development.

In addition to ensuring the highest standard of education for patrollers and other outdoor enthusiasts, the NSP promotes snow safety to the skiing and snowboarding public ensures national continuity in safety and education services, and exists as a national forum for members and groups to communicate. Further, NSP advocates on behalf of patrollers within the legislative structure to ensure continued accreditation of OEC and to make sure legislation protects those who protect the visitor.

The NSP was founded to support those who dedicate and risk their lives for the rest, who love to ski and ride.

National Ski Patrol: http://www.nsp.org
How to become a patroller: http://www.nsp.org/about/joiningnsp.aspx
Online press release: http://pitch.pe/170851

About National Ski Patrol
The National Ski Patrol is a federally-chartered nonprofit membership association dedicated to serving the public and the mountain recreation industry. For 74 years, the NSP has been at the forefront of safety and emergency care education programs. The association’s 28,000 members represent 98 percent of the nation’s patrollers.

For more information, log onto www.nsp.org.