Netflix is Sorry for “Messing Up”: Ski and Snowboard Films Continue to Stream

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 19, 2011 12:26 pm

If you’re a Netflix customer that has been caught up in the recent price-increase debacle, then odds are you’ve just received an apologetic email from the CO-Founder and CEO, Rich Hastings entitled “An Explanation and Some Reflections”.

In his letter, Rich explains the division of Netflix’s two services into two separate business entities. Qwikster, the newly formed entity will take on the home-delivery of DVDs and Videogames (which is a new offering), while Netflix will continue handling online-streaming of content to a variety of devices and platforms.

“I want to acknowledge and thank you for sticking with us, and to apologize again to those members, both current and former, who felt we treated them thoughtlessly.”

Still on the fence on whether you plan on accepting their apology?

Perhaps checking out the top rated snow sports films offered by Netflix will warm you up to some forgiveness.

10. DC Mtn. Lab 1.5
9. Warren Miller’s Impact
8. Out Cold
7. Warren Miller: Children of Winter
6. Slednecks: Best of Extreme Snowmobiles
5. Lost in Transition
4. Let it Ride: The Craig Kelly Story
3. Picture This
2. Slednecks 11
1. That’s It, That’s All