The Ski Channel Featured Interview: Erin Pollard on New Baby Isabelle and On Top of the Hood

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 20, 2011 9:13 am

Interview by Justin Keppler

Move over Kate Middleton and Prince William! There is only one royal family that we here at The Ski Channel recognize, and that’s the Pollards. Eric and Erin Pollard have been fostering the freeski movement through artistically brilliant product collaborations with Line Skis, and boundary pushing films and webisodes produced by their company Nimbus Independent.

The Pollard/Nimbus Family has just welcomed its newest addition, baby Isabella Pollard to the crew earlier this month. Erin somehow managed to take a moment away from all the excitement to speak with me about the new addition to their family, and Nimbus Independent’s latest offerings — including some new artistically inspired gear, and this year’s film On Top of the Hood.



Justin Keppler: First off, congratulations on the new addition to the Pollard Family!

Erin Pollard: Thanks we are very exited. She’s actually sound asleep on top of me right now.

JK: Adorable, any significance to naming her Isabella?

EP: We have always like that name a lot ever since Eric and I got together, and always planned on naming our first girl that.

JK: What are your plans for getting back on the slopes?

EP: She’ll be about three months old once winter hits, and both our parents live really close, so Isabella will have two sets of grandparents that would love to watch her while we go riding.

JK: Are you guys considering throwing some “baby on board” stickers on your LINE Skis and putting her in one of those baby backpacks?

EP: [Laughing] We’ll probably take her at some point, but I don’t know about that early — I know some who have done it!

JK: When will you guys put Baby Isabella on her first pair of skis?

EP: We’ll see how see how it goes, Eric was two when he first skied, so probably around that age. We’ve actually been talking with Line about making some special skis for her with Eric’s graphics!

JK: Will you accept her if she rebels and picks up snowboarding?

EP: Of course! I snowboard, so hopefully she does both as well.

JK: Must be an exciting time with the new baby being born right before your new film On Top of the Hood drops.

EP: It’s been good. Eric was working pretty much 3 months-straight trying to get it all finished in time — he ended up getting everything done right before she was born. I’ve been busy putting together photos, and now we’re ready to kickback and enjoy the experience.

Should be a great release! There’s going to be a lot of cool features from Mt. Hood that people have never seen before, and the cinematography is amazing! There are lots of great sunset shots that people are going to be really excited about. Eric had his take on the editing and Sammy [Carlson] had a vision – they worked together to bring both styles together.

JK: The Nimbus Team is big on collaboration in their filmmaking pursuits; is this philosophy going to carry over into raising Isabella? Perhaps an “Eight Freeskiers and a Baby” web series?

EP: [Laughing] Yeah, that would be funny — we’d like to travel with her, but I don’t know how much she’ll be in the movies. Maybe a few shots in the credits.

JK: Anything else coming out of Nimbus that we should get excited about?

EP: We just printed a bunch more tee shirts and stickers – there’s a really cool sticker of the storm cloud logo.

There’s a new graphic on this years upcoming ski, its of a few different trees – kinda hard to describe – you’ll have to wait and see.

We are also going to be releasing 4 other webisodes of Alaska, Cascadia, Camp BC, and Aether. The first one comes out in October and then each month after – look for the teaser after On Top of the Hood!

- End of Interview

On Top of THE HOOD Tease from SammyC on Vimeo.


Here’s the full release schedule:

“On Top of the Hood” – AVAILABLE TO VIEW NOW!
Sammy Carlson and Friends spend the summer filming at Mt. Hood, OR and skiing Mt. Hood’s natural terrain.

“En Route Alaska” – 10/3/11
En Route Alaska follows Chris Benchetler, Eric Pollard and Byrce Phillips on a trip to Haines, Alaska for three epic days of skiing.

“En Route Cascadia” – 11/7/11
En Route Cascadia follows Andy Mahre, Bryce Phillips and Eric Pollard on a road trip through Washington’s best ski resorts; Crystal Mountain, Alpental, Stevens Pass and White Pass.

“En Route Camp BC” – 12/5/11
En Route Camp B.C. follows Anthony Boronowski,Julien Regnier and Eliel Hindert on a snow camping mission up into Callaghan, British Columbia.

“Aether” – 1/9/12
Aether is a collection of footage from the 2011 season. The movie take much more of an artistic approach to a motion picture instead of our usual trip based webisodes.


There are just so many great films coming out this year. Between Nimbus Independent’s On Top of the Hood (and their upcoming webisodes), Poor Boyz Production’s The Grand Bizzare, and of course The Ski Channel’s second feature Winter – there is going to be no excuse for not being completely stoked for this upcoming riding season!!!