Video of the Day: Line Traveling Cirucs – Van-Cation S04E01

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 20, 2011 11:43 am

LINE, TRAVELING CIRCUS –  The 2 time IF3 Best Webisode award winning LINE Traveling Circus returns for a fourth season! After a long winter full of skiing, traveling, and sleeping in their van, Will and Andy decided they deserved a much-needed vacation to unwind. After packing the essentials and picking up Canadian Cole Drexler from the Salt Lake City airport the TC crew headed west across Utah in the pursuit of their dream vacation.

Shortly after leaving Salt Lake City Will took the van for some off-roading in the world famous Salt Flats. To their surprise the thin layer of dried salt was covering slick tar-like mud that would strand the van and the crew for the next three hours until help arrived. Enter the MudCat!

The rest off the van-cation went off without a hitch: driving, skiing, and sleeping in the van – the only way to unwind after a winter of driving, skiing, and sleeping in the van.

Living in a van never looked more glorious!


Check out Season 4, Episode 1 below: