Auto Turn Rocker: Award-Winning All-Mountain Performance For Every Skier

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 21, 2011 12:42 pm

Rossignol’s Auto Turn Rocker is a compelling new blend of traditional camber and low rocker in the tip and tail that enhances the all-mountain experience for every skier type, in any snow condition. 

Rossignol’s new simply makes skiing more effortless and less fatiguing no matter the terrain or snow conditions!

  • Camber underfoot delivers power, energy and edge grip for performance on groomed snow.
  • Subtle rocker at the tip and tail delivers easy steering, easier carved turning, effortless speed control and maximum versatility in all terrain and snow conditions.





“It’s easy to roll your eyes at all the manufacturer’s names for blends of rocker. But…we think Rossi’s ‘Auto Turn Rocker’ pretty apt.” 

 - SKI Magazine





Auto Turn is featured in Rossignol’s new all-mountain Experience and Temptation skis and is already being recognized as the perfect blend of rocker and traditional camber. SKI, Skiing, and Freeskier Magazine are noting the positive effects of Auto Turn with many ski magazine awards and as well as astounding online reviews. 

Auto Turn Rocker is just one of Rossignol’s four distinct rocker/camber profiles. Rossignol delivers the best mountain experience possible. Each profile is tailored to the specific needs of today’s skier’s, so no matter where you ski, no matter how you ski.  

Check out how Rossignol’s Rocker technology works below and their website to see the entire new collection of skis, boots, bindings, poles and technical equipment for this season.