REM takes their final run

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 21, 2011 1:47 pm

“It’s the end of the world” for one of the greatest bands of all time.  Stipe, Berry, Mills & Buck…the band from Athens who started out under many names including “F#$% em Buckies”…the band that basically created the alternative music movement…the band that is heard on Skull Candy headphones millions of times per year on ski slopes all across the country will cease to exist…that is until the next big charity event pulls them back together – we hope. 

REM announced on their website today that after 31 years, they were going cease all things Rapid Eye Movement.  The band who lost sticks and skins, Bill Berry in 1997 have continued to play, write, record and be…but they haven’t been as huge as they were when they were leading the charge on IRS Records or when they did their massive Warner Brothers deal…lets just say ‘they did OK!”

Michael Stipe has continued to make headlines and create news.  His “I’m not gay”…”we’ll I’m kind of gay” to “I’m proud to be gay” kept him in the mainstream, but the band who many claim to be the greatest rock band of all time…certainly pointing up there to the U2, Coldplay, Beatles, Stones rare air at worst has maintained a lower profile for sure sans Berry. 

REM played many a ski town, although we have yet to find anyone who has caught any turns with them.  The best REM ski story comes from Park City ski resort when Stipe was in the Claim Jumper bar/restaurant.  He went to tickle the ivories on the house piano, but was promptly told that he was not allowed to.  Good Job Claim Jumper!!!

The ski industry will miss new music from these guys for sure!  And to you we’ll dedicate our new rockin movie trailer Winter with music from one of your fans and comrades Bush/Gavin Rossdale!