The National Avalanche School to Convene at Snowbird, UT

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 24, 2011 9:56 am

LAKEWOOD, CO – The National Avalanche School is known as the country’s oldest most acclaimed avalanche training program for those in the professional snow saftey industry. The organization offeres an extensive five-day program held at Snowbird Resort, UT from October 23-27, which provides students with an unique opportunity to interact with some of the top snow saftey experts in the business.

“These are the guys (and gals) that literally wrote the book on avalanche safety,” says Onno Wieringa, National Avalanche Foundation president and Alta ski area president and GM.

The program follows the guidlines set by the American Avalanche Association, and is the only training that focuses on ski area managment and snow safety programs. Fourteen nationally recognized snow science experts and avalance specialists are slated to lecture throughout the week, and covering more than 17 snow safety topics.

The National Avalanche School is custom made for ski patrollers, mountain managers, avalanche forecasters, control specialists, search and rescue, and backcountry guides, as well as highway safety staff, Forest Service and other land management personnel. Students are exposed to every aspect of snow safety including recognition for potential avalanche hazards, avalanche forecasting and control, mountain meteorology, rescue technology — and that’s just the beginning!

Here’s a look at some of this year’s presenters:

• Karl Birkeland, Avalanche Scientist, USDA Forest Service – National Avalanche Center.
Karl has worked with snow and avalanches for the past 30 years. He founded the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center in Bozeman, Montana.

• Doug Chabot, Director, Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center
Doug has been the director of the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center in Bozeman, Montana since 2000 and is the founder of SnowPilot, a free snowpit graphing and database software for snow professionals.

• Bruce Tremper, Director, Utah Avalanche Center
Bruce worked as a backcountry avalanche forecaster for the Alaska Avalanche Center and has been the Director of the Forest Service Utah Avalanche Center since 1986.

• Ethan Greene, Director, Colorado Avalanche Information Center
Ethan has taught courses on mountain meteorology and avalanche science in Alaska, Montana, Utah and Colorado.