Switzerland Freestyle.ch Winners Announced!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 25, 2011 3:02 pm

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – September is a an interesting month for action sports fans. Its a seasonal cross-road where time zones and leaf changes bring about the realization that winter is coming. Some are going to be daunted by the thought of being unable to ride their bike or skateboard under the warm summer sun, while others are going to be comsumed by their anticipation for the first snowfall.

Thanks to Switzerland’s Freestyle.ch, there’s no need to choose sides, as the biggest freestyle event in Europe fully-satisfies all action sport persuasions. The event featuers over 60 athletes from around the world competeing in their respective disciplines of freestyle skiing, snowboarding, MX, FMX, and skateboarding.

The winners of the Snowboard Final were:

1st – Halldor Helgason

2nd – Seppe Smiths

3rd – Stale Sandbech


The winners of the Freeski Final were:

1st – Elias Ambuhl

2nd – Kai Mahler

3rd – Jossi Wells

The winners of FMX were:

1st – Dany Torres

2nd – Tom Pages

3rd – Petr Pilat



The event was a huge sucess and ended with a finale performace by non-other-than Lil Jon!


Concert LIL JON  











Check out the competition’s highlights below: