Video of the Day: South America Snow Sessions in Argentina

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 26, 2011 10:25 am

BARILOCHE, ARGENTINA - Our friends at SASS Global Travel just hit us up with a sick new edit from their Session 5 & 6 groups.  They’ve been enjoying all kinds of great southern hemisphere snowfall down in Argentina, and couldn’t resist getting us psyched up for the upcoming season by sharing some of the fun.

“The Session 5 and 6 skiers crushed it this summer with​argentina. Skied a ton of pow, built some jumps, and shredded some of the best lines in Bariloche. The ski crew got down to business this summer – especially Swiss shredder Piers Solomon.



Piers Solomon (Green Ski Pants Black Jacket)
Emma Landé (Blue Ski Jacket Jacket)
Lucas Zelnick (Blue Ski Jacket Green Pants)
Ryan Dunfee (Army Jacket_Orange pack)
and friends

Filmed By: Jon Conway, Michelle Parker, Pete Connolly, and Garret Russell
Edited By: Jon Conway”