New Lift at Park City: Some Heli-Assisted Assembly Required

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 4, 2011 2:08 pm

Park City, UT-  No assembly required? For once you will be stoked that is not the case! Known mostly for back country rides and over the top drop-ins, helicopter use is now being integrated into ski park assembly. Thanks to Park City Resort’s decision to give the Three Kings Lift a major upgrade, helicopters can be seen throughout the area piecing together the new and improved lift system .  The heli-assisted installation will double the rider and skier carrying capacity to Three Kings Terrain Park, as well as give the cars lined up on adjacent Empire Ave, something to distract themselves from the dreaded work day. 

Known as the “ideal training ground  to continue to push athletes and the sport to the next level,” the new heli-assisted installation will only further the popularity of the resort’s already stellar reputation. Not convinced? Take some advice from the newest member of the Park City All-Star Team, Kazu Kokubo, “Ive snowboarded all over the world and felt most at home in Park City.”

With all of Park City’s current upgrades, it is no wonder that people are salivating to be the first handful of people to hit the slopes. Helicopter use seems to be the new trend, now how to get ahold of one for personal use?