First Snow at Heavenly Resort in Lake Tahoe

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 5, 2011 3:54 pm

Mammoth isn’t the only California ski resort boasting it’s first snow of the season, as Heavenly Resort in South Lake Tahoe has been bequeathed by the snow goddesses with a respectable 3″-5″ inches as of 11:00am this Wednesday morning. Its a good start–and it looks like more is on the way! Lets hope for some friendly competition between the Tahoe Resorts and Mammoth over who can pile up the most powder this year, because whats good for them is better for us! 

Last year Heavenly packed on 530″ inches of pure powder with the help of La Nina, a climate phenomenon that brings extreme weather patterns to the Western region. La Nina blows storms through the mountains fast and hard, expelling fresh snow along the way, and either dissipates in lower elevations or continues on at a pace fast enough to leave conditions mild and sunny behind it, which is perfect for skiing and riding. According to a recent National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration study, La Nina is once again gaining momentum to continue this winter.  If this report comes true, then we’ll know what to expect again this year–buckets and buckets of that fluffy white!

Heavenly has always been one of California’s premier ski resorts, and with such a great season behind them, they are looking forward to the upcoming fun! Heavenly offers some of the most breath taking views of beautiful Lake Tahoe, and climbs to Tahoe’s highest elevation at 10,067 feet.

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