Winter is Coming: Mammoth Mountain Kicks Off the 2011/2012 Season

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 5, 2011 10:23 am

BREAKING NEWS - Winter is here! Over the past 24 hours there has been a viscous storm front rampaging up and down the West Coast. Up north, the weather reports are calling for over a foot of fresh snowfall and looks to continue throughout the night — especially with temperatures dropping below 18 degrees!

 Those in southern California are waking up to soggy sandals, while residents up north in Mammoth Lakes are being greeted by beautiful, snow-covered Sierra Mountains! Some people get all the luck! The message from La Nina is loud and clear: Winter is coming to Mammoth Mountain early this year, and to be honest — just like sexy — it feels like it never left.

Old Man Winter could not have picked a better location to start the season. Mammoth Mountain is truly the premier ski destination in the state of California, and among the most elite resorts in the nation. According to our user-powered Resort Rater, Mammoth Mountain is the 4th highest rated resort in the country, is the  #1 Spring Skiing destination, and has the #1 Terrain Park for 2 years running! Last year, the resort experienced the most snow in its history, which allowed them to stay open until July 4th, 2011!

So you are probably wondering, “The Ski Channel, what should I do now?” Well, the important thing is to stay calm and resist the temptation to charge up to the mountain for some powder peeping — Californians are notoriously awful drivers during the first rains. Stay safe, and curl up indoors with some ski and snowboard programming from yours truly.

As always, we have some fantastic content available On-Demand, and some spectacular articles up on the website, including an exclusive interview with Pro-Skier Jen Hudak. Speaking of Ms. Hudak, have you caught the first part of her film series Moving Mountains? Or Nimbus Independent’s first webisode En Route Alaska? We KNOW you’ve seen our trailer for WINTER (set to drop in the coming weeks) at least a dozen times by now, right? We shot a ton of it at Mammoth Mountain, so if you haven’t got a chance to check it out, you are missing out on some extensive Mammy recon!

Once your stoke level is “full-on”, it’s probably a good time to start mapping out your travel plans for when it is time to head up to Mammy. There are definitely some great travel options available these days. You can make the short 300 mile drive up the highway, or decide to jet set your way over top the Mojave. The choice is yours, and both are not without their own appeal.

The drive is considered by some to be a right-of-passage for Mammoth Travelers, and has been described as a “Zen-like” experience. It is an excursion that can be as quick or as long as you’d like it to be, and has a variety of eclectic stopping points and sights to entertain you along the way.

If you are interested in flying instead, the jet set lifestyle is actually more attainable than ever before. Coming from Los Angeles, Orange County, or San Diego flights can range anywhere from $75-$160 each way — if you were to book your flight today for the November 10th Opening Weekend it would only be $150-roundtrip! So in addition to your gear, you may as well pack your monocle and a bottle of nice champagne so you can “wonder what the poor folk are doing” as you glide into Mammoth Lakes with style.

You may even find yourself sitting next to the likes of Camryn Manheim who agrees, “The flight from LA to Mammoth is so easy.  And it is inexpensive too.  You buckle up, take off and are ready to land in no time.”

Once you make it up to the mountain for opening weekend November 10th, do not waste any time and get yourself on the slopes!  Keep one eye on your tips, and use the other to keep an eye out for some of the biggest names in the industry — including the likes of John Jackson, Stacey Cook, Chris Benchetler, and Kristi Leskinen – who wouldn’t dare call any mountain other than Mammoth their home. Ride safe, and obey proper mountain etiquette.  You wouldn’t want to accidently drop in on a line ahead of your favorite professional athlete — boy would your face be red!

Our friends at Mammoth Mountain Resort have got an amazing season in store for us, and they are going to kick things off in style for their opening weekend, November 10th – 14th. 

All we can say is be excited, be prepared, and most importantly — be there!!!

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As if riding all day and partying all night wasn’t enough, Mammoth is bringing in the Black Lips and Ra Ra Riot for a concert on Saturday, November 12. This marks the first of eight scheduled music events for the Mammoth Concert Series taking place throughout the coming winter and spring. Tickets are only $20 in advance or $25 at the door. The concert is open to ages 21+ and tickets are available at: or by calling 800.MAMMOTH.


Schedule of Events

Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Day of Skiing and Snowboarding!!!

8:30am                        First chair of the 2011/12 season

All Day                        Unveiling of Mammoth Unbound’s new look – a sneak peak at some of the new 2011-12 features and our fresh new design

11am                           Annual Opening Day Champagne Toast on the Main Lodge Sundeck

12pm-Après                Live Band on the Main Lodge Sundeck

7pm                             DC Snowboarding presents the premiere of TB20 by Standard Films & Good Look by People Films at Hyde Lounge

9pm-close                   After Party with DC Snowboarding at Hyde Lounge


Friday, November 11, 2011

12pm-Après                DJ on the Main Lodge Sundeck with Mammoth swag giveaways!

4:30pm                        Après specials at Tusks, The Yodler and Hyde Lounge

7pm                             Unbound Magazine Volume 2 Launch Party at Hyde Lounge

9pm-close                   After Party at Hyde Lounge with DJ SlipMatt


Saturday, November 12, 2011

12pm-Après                DJ SlipMatt on the Main Lodge Sundeck

6pm                             Pre-film music in The Village at Mammoth with DJ SlipMatt

7:30pm                        Premiere of Peter Line and Eddie Wall’s new movie in The Village at Mammoth

8pm                             Premiere of Standing Sideways by Burton Snowboards in The Village at Mammoth

9pm                             Mammoth Concert Series presents Black Lips and Ra Ra Riot at Canyon Lodge


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Funday on the snow at Main Lodge

All Day                        DJ SlipMatt on the Main Lodge Sundeck


Visit for a complete list of events. Events subject to change.