The Ordinary Skier Makes an Extraordinary Premiere!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 6, 2011 7:02 pm

The Ordinary Skier is a documentary 2-years in the making. It follows the past, present and future of Seth Morrison; pioneer of the freestyle skier movement, backcountry extraordinaire and one of Oakley’s top athletes. The film has just started making its rounds on the tour circuit and is being received by packed theaters and rave reviews! With amazing premieres in Seattle, Vancouver, and the “Meeting” in Aspen – this latest feature from our friends at 1242 Productions is anything but ordinary! This film is so hot that the projectors can barely handle it!

Seth Morrison has enjoyed rock star status in the ski industry for quite some time now, and while we would have been perfectly content with another action-packed ski film, Seth wanted to switch things up this year and take us even further into his world. The Ordinary Skier documents the rise of a middle class Chicago kid who moved to the Colorado Rockies to become a driving force within the underground ski-bum revolution that would eventually evolve into the Freesking Movement we know today.

The film is about choosing to follow your dreams, and refusing to wake up.

“I wanted the film to show that you can make whatever you want to out of yourself,” Morrison says. “That whatever it is, if it’s driven by passion and you work hard enough, anything can happen.”

Throughout the film Seth is joined by Nate Wallace, and fellow Oakley riders Pep Fujas, JP Auclair, Kye Petersen, Dan Treadway, and the young-gun Sean Petit. Each of these world-class athletes absolutely kill it during the film and manage to shine just as bright as the documentary’s star.

Sidenote: if you absolutely cannot get enough of Mr. Petit – you can catch the Whistler-native in The Ski Channel’s upcoming feature film, WINTER.

Not only will you see more of his insane riding abilities, but you’ll get an intimate look at his family life, and what it took for him to become the pro-skier he is today — and why he loves his Mommy!

He absolutely slays in both films, and according to Tanner Hall and Mike Douglas, Petit is the “new best skier in the world” — and we think they would know!

The documentary also provides viewers with a glimpse of whats to come from Seth Morrisson in the furture, and a big part of that is mountaineering. Viewers can experience the thrill of scaling the epic peaks of Chamonix, as well as the breath-taking descents that follow. This adds an entirely new aspect to Morrison’s repetoire of talents, and speaks volumes to the integrity and enthusiasm he seeks to bring to mountain sports.

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Look out for some amazing moments captured through the directorial prowess off C.P. (Constantine Papanicolaou), one of the most highly acclaimed forces in action sports filmmaking.

Freeskier magazine’s Shay Williams described the film well, “It has an intangible quality… It delves deep into the soul of what drives Seth and offers a unique angle the skiing lifestyle; its dangers and its rewards, its sacrifices and its triumphs.”

There is no better compliment to Seth’s riding than the cinematography employed in this project. It allows The Ordinary Skier to rise above the categorization of  documentary and athletic spectacle — to reach an unparalleled level of artistic expression.

Check out the second trailer released for the film:


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