Sneak Peek of the Red Bull Legs of Steel Webisode 3

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 7, 2011 7:08 am

There is no better way to promote your upcoming film than to throw a handful of eclectic European freeskiiers into some of the best and worst terrains in the world. Thankfully the Red Bull as well as the Ski Channel nation have the unique opportunity to view the “Legs of Steel” Webisode series that dropped this week.

Featuring Red Bull freeskiiers chasing the slopes in Canada’s legendary winter season, the LOS crew returned to a disappointing Spring season in Europe.  With minimal snowfall, the LOS crew was left to their own devices using creativity and hard work to develop self-made features.  While “trying to set the world record for being stupid,” Sven Kueenle, Paddy Graham and Tobi Reindl quickly fell victim to season-ending knee injuries.  Most notably was Paddy Graham’s knee injury which was followed by an “ass to rock” encounter that left a noticeable gash on his backside.  While the boys of the LOS crew were laid up in “knee club” rehab center the likes of Dennis Ehlert, Fabio Studer, Tobi and Lucas Mangold stepped up to the plate capturing epic shots with no test runs or speed checks.  

Webisode 3 concludes with a wide angle view of Whistler’s Camp of Champions, visited by some of the top athletes in the action sports world. “Legs of Steel” shows what can be done with the continued dedication and hard work of the crew.  See the action for yourself and make sure to tune in every week for a trilogy of webisodes until the online release of the FREE movie, ‘Nothing Else Matters’.