Another Day in the Wild World of Action Sports: Antelope Takes Out Cyclist

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 11, 2011 3:35 pm

In action sports you never know when your number will be called. A slip of the ski, a rouge pebble, or malfunctioning equipment could send you flying through the air in a highly undesirable trajectory. Apparently a wild bucking antelope can be added to the list of potential extreme sports hazards for Evan Van der Spuy. The seventeen-year old cyclist was speeding through the Time Freight MTB Express Mountain race in a wide-open field near Pietermaritzburg, South Africa when a leaping antelope came out of nowhere and took him out!

A video captured by his teammate shows a Red Hartebeest rush across the race path right into an unsuspecting Van der Spuy. Footage shows him getting knocked violently to the ground but he walked away from the incident with some minor injuries and a badly damaged helmet.


Check out the entire freak accident here: