Powder & Rails Special: Nixon Jib Fest Episode 1

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 12, 2011 5:02 am

After eight long years of anxious anticipation, The boys of Powder and Rails are back with a special mini-series on the resurrected Nixon Jibfest which is back this year! The three part series highlights the invite only “anti- contest” that started in 2000 and explores how the Nixon Jibfest came to be and who were the faces then as well as who are the young bloods now.

The first mention of jibbing came during a 1989 interview with pro snowboarder Nick Perata who described it as ” riding on anything you see in your path; logs, rocks, small children, ANYTHING!” Episode one begins in the early ‘90s, talking to some of the riders who pioneered jibbing on picnic tables and street rails. Riders include JP Walker and Jeremy Jones, just to name a few, who came up with the concept for the original Jibfests. An event where they were free to invite only the people they liked and only the media outlets they wanted. An event with no judges, only peer review, giving the rider the freedom to go after innovative jibs and most importantly have a great time doing it. Snow Park Technologies’ Chris Gunnarson and Nixon co-founder Chad DiNenna conclude the episode by describing the Nixon Jib Fest 2011 as “their biggest and best yet.” 

Check out Episode One as you are cordially invited by Jeremy Jones to enter “Awesome Town:”