Check Out Webisode 4 of Red Bulls Legs of Steel

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 13, 2011 4:01 am

The Legs of Steel Ski company, known for their Rock n’ Roll, no holds barred attitude has just released it’s fourth webisode of “Legs of Steel”. They gave us a little insight into what they were trying to achieve, both in the webisodes, and in their upcoming October 26th film release “Nothing Else Matters”.

It was not about “adding in that extra flip or rotation…but to step outside of the box and create the most innovative and outrageous park shoots we could think of”. They were sick of the same old ski film, so they rounded up 13 of Europe’s finest skiers, two filmers, four photographers, and the coolest camera gear they could get ahold of and set out to Kaunertal, Australia to figure out how to step above the competition. The webisodes capture some of the wildest freeskiing ever, highlighting the wicked talents of Bene Mayr, Thomas Hlawitschka, Fabio Studer, Oscar Scherlin, and nine other talented skiers. 

“Go Big or Go Home” is taken to its limits as all the skiers barrel down a mountain headed for three huge kickers.  The twist; that the two kickers on the outside are facing in forcing the skiers to cross each other as they launch themselves into the air. The skier hitting the middle jump must have drawn the shortest straw because he faces being speared by skis from both sides. Obviously, timing here is everything, and they are all professionals, but the result is some epic footage. Canadian cinematographer Andre Nutini came in for this project and brought with him some interesting new techniques that create never before seen angles, timing, and overall, fresh clean shots.

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But for now, sit back and enjoy…