Mount Snow raises $5000 for Irene Relief

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 13, 2011 3:24 am

Oktobrewfest was a hit for Mount Snow Valley in Southern Vermont this past weekend, raising over $5000 for Hurricane Irene Relief. Local businesses were eager to welcome patrons back into the region, and people were happy to oblige as many lodging properties, bars and restaurants were either full or extremely busy throughout the weekend. 

Many attendees purchased raffle tickets to win the Golden Chair, a custom-built timber frame chair lift painted gold, which the Mount Snow people will send to the winner. Tickets are still available for those looking to contribute to Irene relief and to possibly take home the highly coveted prize. 

This year’s Oktobrewfest had traditionally been the Mount Snow Oktoberfest, but the change was made as the Mount Snow Brewers Festival was unable to take place due tot the recent storm. But the combination of both festivals drew big crowds who were excited to be part of the re-opening of Mount Snow and also to view the beautiful Fall foliage, which is now at its peak.  

As Mount Snow Valley Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Philip Gilpin said, “When people want to relax, explore and live life to the fullest, they know to come to Southern Vermont”.