Mountain High Gets Some LA Klink

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 20, 2011 8:09 am

How many times have you driven around LA– passed by some ramp or handrail thats too big to skate or where there’s nowhere to gain speed– and said to yourself, “If it snowed in LA I’d be all over that”?. Well thats exactly what the people at Mountain High say on a daily basis, and this year they decided to do something about it with their “LA Iconic Features” additions to their terrain park. The terrain features will be based off real LA landmarks, and they’re going to be huge and innovative!

The first of the four features they’re introducing is the biggest, meanest, and most innovative of all the features. This is what they are calling the Concert Hall Handrail, and is an exact replica of the handrail outside the LA Concert Hall. If you’ve ever had to go to jury duty in downtown, then you know which one I’m talking about and have probably walked right past it on your way to do your civic duty!  This thing is huge, with a staggering 8,000 pounds of steel, it consists of a 19′ down, an 8′ flat and another 18′ down. Any “Go-Hards” attempting to gap this monster rail, be prepared, because its 48′ from top to bottom. 

There will also be new rail features similar to the ones found outside the LA Convention Center. It will be nice finding an LA rail without stoppers on it for once!

The next two features wont be exact replicas, but that won’t stop these beasts from forcing the light-hearted to make a few ride-bys before committing. The first is going to be a 40 foot long by 24 ft wide replica of the Hollywood sign meant for one thing, Wall-rides. This is going to be exciting to see, and will potentially be the biggest wall-ride in the country.

The last feature, and my favorite, will be the quarter-pipe replica of the Wedge at Newport. The Wedge is a popular surf and body board spot that gets huge on south swells as a result of the water being pushed in a wedge-like (guess where it gets its name?) fashion against the jetty, creating monster waves that lift off and pitch real heavy over the top. This is bound to be a favorite “spot” among all the surf/snowboarders this season, and has the potential to be epic!

Looks like Mountain High is coming up this year

, and the creativity and innovation is well appreciated and received!


Watch the video to see how the monster Concert Hall Rail was built!