Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 25, 2011 10:54 pm

Back on July 23, 2011, a bunch of snowskaters (including me) went to Boreal to ride the last turning chairs of the season.  It was an awesome summer day on snow.  And, I heard later that I was on the evening news report on Boreal’s last day, but I didn’t bother to look it up at the time. 

Because I have a snowskating blog now, I thought I should try to find the news story about snowskates at Boreal, and I was terribly disappointed with what I found:


was on to the news, but they just used me to illustrate that there were girls in bikinis riding snow.  However, I was not, in fact, wearing a bikini.  I wonder if the news anchor had just never seen a snowskate before and actually mistook it for a bikini.  Whatever the case, it was very poor news reporting as it was inaccurate and not at all informative about the real story here: snowskating.

I did hold out a little glimmer of hope when I found another news story about the last day at Boreal:



The good news is that they correctly identified a bikini in this report.  But, it seems they couldn’t even find words for the snowskate.  Which is unfortunate because at 0:16 in this video, they included a glimpse of me stepping of my snowskate, it’s a beautiful, bindingless shot.  The only explanation goes something like this:

I just think that when it comes to snowskates vs. bikinis, the bigger news is snowskates.  It’s a real shame that the camera guy couldn’t see the real story past the bikinis.