Line Traveling Circus Releases Episode 4.2

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 27, 2011 12:29 pm

On the road to Whistler, a group of guys led by Will Wesson and Andy Parry pile into their heavily decorated van complete with what appears to be homemade bunk beds in the back. Welcome to the Line Traveling Circus, the ultimate “bro” skiing adventure. They manage to get into trouble before even arriving to the mountain as one of the guys slices himself skateboarding and a casual pit stop is made to sew him up.

No big deal for the Traveling Circus crew as the group is nonstop laughs. But it’s not all fun and games for this crew…wait…yes it totally is as Parry sums up the crew’s mentality with, “Everyday is the best day of my life, brotha.”

The band of misfits even pauses to hassle some black bears between hitting tricks as well as almost a full minute of sign flipping. Fun and games aside, these guys have some serious skills as they hit rails and tricks back-to-back with fluidity and some well-deserved swagger. Switching over to Mt. Hood, the footage focuses not on hitting tricks but on a number of fantastically failed attempts as the guys eat snow hard over and over again, and laugh louder than ever.

You won’t be able to look away, and you won’t want to as the Line Traveling Circus crew is infectiously addicting as well the winner of “Best Webisode” at the International Freeskiing Film Festival.







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