Founders Brewing Co. and Epic Planks Join Forces

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 4, 2011 3:11 pm

Founders Brewing Co. and Epic Planks are joining forces to bring you unique, handmade skis and snowboards. Founders, an innovator in craft beer, has been supporting active lifestyles for years as they have donated $20,000 to Grand Rapids Whitewater ‘s nonprofit efforts, kicked off the first ever Grand Rapids Urban Adventure Races, and sponsor a local bike team. Epic Planks gave them the perfect opportunity to get involved in winter sports.

“The partnership just made sense,” says Founders Vice President of Marketing and co-founder, Dave Engbers.

Epic Planks is an innovator in crafting premium handmade skis and snowboards designed for durability, performance, visual appeal, and affordability, making sure that products are also tough enough to handle big mountain action.

“Founders and Epic Planks have so much in common. We’re both about enjoying life and being more than just a couch decoration”, says James Barber, one of Epic Planks’ owners.

Founders Brewing Co. President and CEO, Mike Stevens adds, “We really respect what these guys are doing. We only use the best ingredients in our brewery, because we know that’s what’s going to make the best beer, and Epic Planks has the same philosophy with the materials they use to make their boards and skis. A quality product takes priority over profitability and efficiency for both of our businesses.”

The new Founders line snowboard comes in the Stash Park and Stash AMP models and presents Founders’ winter seasonal Imperial IPA’s Double Trouble artwork. The one-of-a-kind skis, set to be released in February 2012, are based on Founder’s newest year-round beer (All Day IPA) and are available in Epic Planks’ Crop Duster or Vaporizer models.

Pre-orders that are submitted at the Founders store or online by November 15 will be delivered in January 2012. Everyone in the Grand Rapids are should check out the taproom Tuesday, January 3, 2012, at 6 pm where they can collect their skis and boards, free giveaways, and get the first taste of a winter sports themed, limited time only Founders beer on tap.