Wend Snow Wax Welcomes Jib Master Ryan Paul

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 4, 2011 7:26 pm

WEND SNOW WAX by Wax Research is proud to announce the addition of Jib Master Ryan Paul to the World Team. A native of Minnesota, Ryan Paul is a silent killer on the mountain who is steadily climbing the ranks of world competition especially after winning the 2010 WCI in Mammoth, CA.

Paul describes his trip to the WCI in Mammoth as one of uncertainty. After driving for days with friends to get to the event, no money and unsure if his car would even make the trip, he easily snagged 1st Place, put $10,000.00 in his pocket and proved he was here to stay. Since then, his accolades include 1st place at the 2010 DownTown ThrowDown in Seattle, WA, 1st Place at the 2011 Hot Dawgs & Handrails at Bear Mtn. and in just one year, Ryan landed two of the most coveted spots in the industry for up-n-coming riders, with an “On Deck” in Snowboarder Mag’s, February 2011 issue, as well as a “Check Out” in the September 2011 issue of Transworld Snowboarding.

“I used the WEND wax for the first time at Hot Dawgs and Handrails this year. Those early season events can get pretty slow.” reflected, Paul.” “There were hay bales surrounding the September snow park, so naturally there was hay plus a bunch of mud getting tracked all over the runway and slowing things down… Didn’t seem to matter much when I rubbed on some of WEND rub-on wax, my board sped right through that crap. I was stoked! Riding fast is a blast! I’m pumped to be part of the WEND family, the good vibes they put out, the awesome wax and just to be cruising on my board!”

“Any competition Paul enters, he is a definite threat for 1st place. Just watch and look for the one guy hustling back to the start every time with a huge smile on his face,” said John Dahl, Wax Research owner, “Ryan Paul is undoubtedly one of the best rail slayers on earth, as well as the nicest, most mellow guy you will ever meet.”