Featured Interview: Loudmouth Outstanding Pants

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 6, 2011 1:04 pm

Written by Nina Pantic 

Loudmouth was started by Scott “Woody” Woodworth back in 2000 as a golf pant company, making waves with ludicrously vibrant and eccentric designs. Woodworth had humble beginnings as a junior graphic designer before taking the plunge with his own innovative creations and alongside Larry Jackson, the company’s popularity has skyrocketed.

In 2009, pro golfer John Daly wore a pair of the notoriously loud and flamboyant pants on the European Tour, setting off an Internet frenzy as Loudmouth golf pants became the third-most commented news on Yahoo. The following year, Loudmouth gained even more worldwide attention when the Norwegian Olympic team donned “Dixie-A” red, white, and blue diamond-patterned pants on their way to a silver medal. While the American Olympic team did not sport Loudmouth at the Olympics, they did wear their stars and stripes-patterned pant at a few notable events. The Scottish curling team has rocked out in the vivacious pants a couple times and the Old Pulteney Row To The Pole team wore Loudmouth on their recent rowing expedition to the North Pole. Canadian professional snowboarder, Martin Gallant, proudly rocks Loudmouth on the slopes as well.

The Ski Channel recently sat down with Loudmouth’s CEO Larry Jackson and Founder Scott “Woody” Woodworth for a quick interview to talk  about the most talked about pants in sports:

Larry and Woody looking fashionable as always

The Ski Channel: How did you two come together?

Loudmouth (Jackson): The short answer is I was a customer online for years before we actually met and played golf. I bought things from him (Woodworth) and I liked the product. We decided to play golf one day and in one round, we created the framework of a partnership. I invested in LM at the beginning of 2007 and started working full time in 2008 as things started to take off.

TSC: What was your inspiration to get into snow sports?

LM: Skiing is a natural and social sport. Whenever we are out and about in Loud Mouth apparel, everyone is giving me their opinion on what they think we should do. After awhile, you are statistically analyzing how much you hear a certain thing from people. And ski pants for five years has fallen into the one, two, or three slot of most heard from the public. We try to do what the public asks for. Everyone asks for ski pants. Woody’s challenge is to make sure we have good looking color acceptable designs that still push the limits.

What better way to meet people that are on the slopes? If you are going to call attention to yourself, that’s the way to do it.

TSC: All for the ladies?

LM: We get significant feedback by men on the golf course that wear the pants and then decide to venture out to a bar, party, concert, or sporting event and are just stunned by the reception from women.

TSC: The Norwegian curling team proudly sported Loudmouth pants during their Olympic silver medal win. What was the response to LM on such a global stage?

The Norwegian Olympic Team

LM: Its best known in the curling industry, but the Norwegians changed the face and visibility of an entire sport single handedly. Other curlers let that be the Norwegians thing and in most of the big international events they let the pants do the talking on the Norwegians’ only. But that absolutely instigated a gigantic, worldwide response. Phone calls, retailer interest, celebrities sporting our products — it was just amazing the amount of traffic and noise 80 million eyeballs looking at our pants on TV will do. It was a wonderful couple of weeks.

TSC: What causes your designs to create such a dialog, why do you think people have such a desire to tell you about your pants?

John Daly pondering how good he looks

LM:  There is nothing weird about a guy wearing a crazy tie, or a crazy shirt. But for some reason, pants have limits for guys. To wear anything other than khaki, gray, or blue jeans is outside the limits. So when people saw someone like John Daly wearing pink and orange argyle pants, it shocked them because it had never been done before. I find it interesting how much it shocked everyone. The people it didn’t spook were the golfers between 50-70 years old that remember all the players from the 70′s. They sported pants very similar to what we create now. All the pros from the 70′s wore stripes and argyles. Bringing that style back is something that golfers remember and always comment to us about. There is some rich tapestry of history in the golf realm. Now, as we bust outside of golf, it really comes down to being a piece of social interactions. You wear this stuff, you talk to more people and have more fun on a day you wear Loudmouth rather than the same day that you don’t. Skiing and snowboarding is even more fun wearing LM.

TSC:  What kind of technical demands did the transition to snow sports have on the production process?

Captain Thunderbolt aka a the next leading cause of snowblindness

LM:  We work with a couple of different well-oiled snowboard pants manufacturers. First, the trick is to get our patterns printed properly on the polyester high tech material. We want the customers product look as good as we would want it to look. However, getting a factory that knows how to make good technical snowboard pants wasn’t even the hardest part. The most painful part of the battle was getting our print onto the pants. Once we got that perfected, it was a downhill slide. We’re not using the same company that makes our golf pants for our ski pants. We use a ski pants manufacturer and a very credible line. 

TSC:  Plans for getting clothes on Winter Olympics teams?

LM:  We are going to shoot for the summer Olympics first! We are working on a deal and are not too far away from that announcement. I would expect for the Winter Olympics, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we had more Norwegians for the Winter Olympics. We are closely tied to that wonderful country of 5 million jolly LM loving folks.


- End interview 

The unisex pants are available in Captain Thunderbolt, Shagadelic Black, and Oakmont Houndstooth in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large. Loudmouth snow pants are 10,000 mm waterproof, PU film laminated, and 100% windstop and seam sealed as well as decked out with Velco frap cargo pockets, zippered mesh thigh vents, zippered front and back pockets, gaiters with grippers, adjustable Velcro inner waistband, belt loops, and nylon mesh inner lining. Keywords… girls go crazy over these pants!

The Sonoma, California-based company makes sure their bold high-performance snow pants stand out. Rest assured that you will literally “pop” on the slopes since no other pants look anything like Loudmouth designs. Woodworth explains it perfectly, “We are zigging while others are zagging”.

Loudmouth blends fun and practicality into an irresistible combination. Grab your own pair at: www.loudmouthgolf.com