For Your Viewing Pleasure: the Bula Underwear Models Present New Line at SIA

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 8, 2011 10:15 am

Girls in outerwear, girls in underwear, girls in Bula wear. High-end Canadian retailer, Bula, known for its comfortable layering pieces and snow accessories, captured 2011′s SIA audience by presenting their first ever line of outerwear on Montreal’s finest selection of beautiful babes.  Their tag line, “I’m Naked Without My Bula”, introduces must-have layering pieces with 4-way stretch and brush lining, to fit your body’s natural curves and keep you warm in the snow.  After drooling over the Bula girls in The Ski Channel’s SIA review, we are sure you’ll want to get warm and cozzy like them — or with them.

Bula wear features layering pieces like the Alika top, an anti-microbial, 4-way stretch base layer, presented with girl short bottoms.  Fun and sexy, these pieces hug your curves and keep you comfy under your outer layers. 


Or how about this layer one tuxedo? This tailored pant with brush lining is too soft to go without.

Next up is the Kimmy hoodie, an agua blue long sleeve with built in “ninja cuffs.” Get roudy with this purple and white horizontal stripe decorating not only your fist, but the inside of the hood.  This is a beautiful piece, well designed, stylish, and functional. Match with the original Moon Boots or comfy woven high socks. 





                     Who’s your favorite Bula model? 



















For more Bula wear and Bula models, check out the video footage from The Ski Channel’s SIA report available On-Demand now!