GoPro Hero2: Versatility with 2x the Power

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 8, 2011 6:28 am

Go Pro is thrilled to announce the release of the Hero2, the next evolution in their innovative personal video camera series. Consumers, professional athletes, and video producers all love to use GoPro to capture unbeatable action-filled first person perspectives. GoPro cameras are sold in over 60 countries in Best Buy, specialty sports stores, and at A full assortment of products is available on including the HD Helmet HERO, HD HERO 960, Suction Cup Mount, Ride HERO Handlebar Seatpost Mount, LCD BacPac Accessory, Battery BacPac Accessory, and Chest Mount Harness.

GoPro‘s cameras and accessories make it easy for people to capture their lives’ most exciting moments from never before seen perspectives with professional quality results,” said Nicholas Woodman, founder and CEO of GoPro. “We’re excited to work with Best Buy because of their passion for digital imaging and providing customers with the best products available. We know their Blue Shirts have the expertise to help customers learn about our products’ range of features and we’re stoked Best Buy is making our products so accessible.”

The cool thing about the HD HERO line is the versatility for the cameras to be mounted onto just about anything including helmets, bikes, boards, and vehicles with the use of multidimensional chest harnesses and suction cups. GoPro cameras are the best of the best with 1080p HD and 720p video and incredible 127º and 170º wide angle clarity. Not only are the HD HERO cameras professional but also durable with a polycarbonate protective casing that allows for 180 feet of waterproof protection as well as shielding from accidental drops and natural element damage.

The unbeatably clear footage lures everyone in to pick GoPro for their activity image capturing.

Check out this video shot using the latest innovation in personal camera equipment, the GoPro Hero2:

Whether you’re surfing, skiing, biking, or sky diving, GoPro has the best quality professional cameras out there. Take a look at the new equipment for yourself at