Mining Powder in Retallack with the Provo Brothers

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 10, 2011 6:21 am

During the winter of 2011, brothers Ian and Neil Provo set out for Retallack Lodge in British Columbia to film and ski for their latest release Retallack: The Movie. Tanner Hall is also heavily featured, doing what he does best after returning from a two year injury. Tanner comes back stronger than ever, showing little to no signs that he was ever injured at all, nothing less than expected! Retallack, the location and focus of the film, is known for its rich ski history, laidback culture, and surreal terrain. Retallack: The Movie, finds the boys sifting through some of the fluffiest pillow lines on earth and resorting to using snorkels in order to breathe while plowing through neck-deep powder.

The Provo bros spent two months embedded in the heart of the Kootenays at Retallack to help with the filming of the movie. During this time Ian played a big role in filming the time lapse sequences for the film, which became an important part of creating the aesthetic and pace of the film. It wasn’t that it was hard to find a spot to take a breathtaking time-lapse sequence in Retallack, but Ian and his bro did have to do a lot of cross-country skiing as well as taking a few helicopter rides to make sure to get the perfect shot. Neil Provo was key in filming the on-slope sequences of the film, at times using a handheld camera to film himself and the others while knee deep in powder.

The following video highlights the Provo brothers skills behind the camera and shows a few of their favorite long lens shots from Retallack: The Movie, which is now available online.