The Force is Strong: Burton and Lucasfilms Create the Star Wars Collection

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 13, 2011 5:30 pm

Burton is set to release a new line of special edition snowboards this season to celebrate the legacy that has captivated fans for decades, and is proud to introduce the newest generation of snowboarding groms to the Star Wars phenomenon. Burton and Lucasfilms have created an array of boards featuring iconic characters from the Star Wars Universe. The new designs are sure to have Star Wars fans of all ages clamoring for the chance to own part of the collection.

At only $189 a piece, you could easily pick up the entire series — but unfortunately, the boards are only produced in kids sizes. Not fair, I know. It seems that kids these days are getting the best of both worlds — great new tech and epic graphic collaborations. With the softest flex possible and edges lifted up all the way around, the Chopper Star Wars model makes it fun for even the lightest weight riders to master balance and board control.

Now you have lightning speed, but hold on, the outfit is still imcomplete. What better to pair with a supernatural set-up, than the proper head gear?! The Burton R2D2 snow helmet is out for this winter as well, and while it is the first snow helmet of it’s kind, it has been a long-coveted look. Philadelphia based Jenny Hall created her own rendition of the R2D2 helmet back in July, which she uses to protect her dome from asphalt rather than snow whrn cruisin’ downtown Philly on her way to the next  cheese steak stand.

Jenny has added her own personal customizations, such as a piece of sawed down pvc piping on the front to give it more of a 3D appeal (this could get in the way of some tree runs). Jen has recently become a geek celebrity, receiving requests for her hand in marriage multiple times a week! In all seriousness, though, she kind of resembles Princess Leia. She even came up with her creation thanks to her true devotion to Star Wars; so for that, we give her mad – but awkward – props.

So take your love for everything Star Wars, turn the dial to full blast, and hit the slopes. And may the force be with you!