686 and Scion Debut Numeric: The Customized Snowboarding Concept Car

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 18, 2011 12:44 am

686® and Scion® have teamed up to introduce the first ever car dedicated only to snowboarding. The “Numeric” is an extreme sport, amped-up version of a car that could easily be featured on MTV’s “Pimp My Ride”. Various companies and brands contributed to every tiny detail inside and outside the car, making it into an extraordinary one-of-a-kind caveat for 686′s 20th anniversary celebration. The custom creation is based off of Scion’s xB model and is a result of hard work by 686®, Scion Racing® and Spin Imaging®. Every inch of this car is made for snowboarders by snowboards by a brand that believes it’s all about progression when it comes to the sport of snowboarding.

Every brand provided a unique addition to the Numeric’s unreal artsy appearance. The New Balance® tires reflect NB686® snowboarding boots, and the top of the car mimics a Bern® carbon fiber helmet. The work of art’s windshield is Dragon’s APX® frameless goggle, offering a full peripheral view from within the vehicle. Union® team snowboard bindings inspired the Sparco® modified seats and Skullcandy® designed the sound system using inspired by their popular Aviator headphones. GoPro® added visual racing mirrors and interior mapping, and Vestal® watches inspired the customized time gauges. Other specialized features includes Freewaters® sandals creation of the first ever heated floor mats, Recco® Avalanche Rescue radar technology, and Blind®’s Marc Mckee customized interior panels.

The final extravagant touch was 686® covering the entire outside of the vehicle in waterproof and breathable snowboarding outwear, making it the first car to have stitched panels, laser welded seams, waterproof zippers, and mesh venting. The “Numeric” is not only perfectly structured for snowboarders but will also ooze style and creativity on the roads.

“The 686 Scion Numeric is a dream come true,” says Michael Akira West, president and creative director at 686. “What better way to celebrate our twentieth anniversary by doing something that’s never been done before? Every part of this build has a story and a separate product that it was inspired from. I’m psyched we were able to show it to the world, our way.”

“The 686 build is incredible,” adds Steve Hatanaka, Scion auto show and special events manager, “The collaboration of the action sports lifestyle and automotive is a perfect fit for the Scion brand! The hard work of so many people and brands came together to make it happen, and we are very proud of the outcome. It is one of the most unique cars we’ve done to date and the synergy of the final product is amazing. We look forward to showcasing it during the auto show season, with tuner fans and at the action sports shows around the world.”



Get the first glimpse of this car/work of art at the 686 booth at SIA in Denver from January 26-29, 2012. Until then, check out the video below (suprisngly lacking an appearance by Xzibit, the host of “Pimp My Ride”).