Writers Gather for SIA Snow Sports Update at Boston Globe Ski & Snowboard Expo

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 19, 2011 12:25 am



WASHINGTON, DC. (November 18, 2011) – Last Friday, during the annual Boston Globe Ski & Snowboard Expo, SnowSports Industries America (SIA) staff presented an overview of snow sports trends, new product technology, Northeast-based research, participation, demographics and how weather predictions for the upcoming 2011.12 season will affect snow sports. To wrap up the event, owner of Boston’s East Coast Alpine, John Sullivan, outlined what’s selling at retail right now in the Northeast.

Over 20 journalists attended the event and listened to Kelly Davis, SIA’s Director of Research, give a detailed report on New England stats including predicted weather patterns, financial overviews and participation numbers – particularly relevant considering 2 million snow sports participants live in the Northeast region.

“We’re always looking for ways to assist media with relevant research and connect them with SIA Members and their products. The Boston Globe Ski & Snowboard Expo was a great opportunity to meet-up with writers from a region known for its strong snow sports consumer base,” said David Ingemie, SIA’s president.

East Coast Alpine’s owner, John Sullivan, wrapped up the event presenting a variety of new skis and snowboards on the market that help skiers/riders enjoy their mountain experience. With more than 3,800 models available on the market, shop owners, like John, are essential in helping consumers understand what works for their skill level and terrain and make sure they select the right model. View Martin Griff’s, Times of Trenton photographer and nj.com snow sports blogger, recap of the event and video of John Sullivan’s presentation.

“Great event! The speakers were very interesting and provided much useful information from new products and trends for this coming winter to weather predictions, right down to the size of acorns that may hold some secrets to the amount of snow we may expect here in the Northeast! Looking forward to utilizing some of the presentation material for my ski columns this season.” Dan Cassidy,
Ski Tracks Freelance Writer/Photographer, ESWA President.