Video Series: PowExplorer Footage from Idaho Backcountry

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 23, 2011 2:03 pm

While we are escaping the rain and waiting for colder temperatures to bring us light, fluffy snow, PowExplorer is chasing the cold front and getting deep powder turns early season in the ultimate terrain. PowExplorer consists of a talented snowboard team and professional film makers and photographers, living by a  ”search, discover, ride”  motto.  However, this is not the typical snow-chasing bunch. They take it to the next level with superior equipment and access to some of the world’s biggest cliffs, documenting every moment for our viewing pleasure.  

PowExplorer is dedicated to accessing powder turns in the most effective way possible. They use a wide array of tools, including truck campers, wall tents, snowmobiles, skins, crampons, prop planes, helicopters, and maps to scout and ride new locations. They document their never-ending quest to ride the best mountains and conditions out there. The Pow Explorers are: Wyatt & Yancy Caldwell, Spencer Cordovano, and Pat Lee based out of Sawtooth City, Idaho.

Check out their 2011 Season Edit below:


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