Winter Star Kris Holm Featured on Mercedes-Benz TV

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 29, 2011 10:42 am

Written by Austin Willis

The only word that can describe unicycler Kris Holm is SAVAGE! Not only is he featured in The Ski Channel’s new movie “Winter”, but has recently caught the eye of world class car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. In “Balanced Mind, Controlled Body”, Kris Holm is highlighted for his one wheeled skills on the unicycle, traversing all kinds of terrain and obstacles with focus and style.

The connection Mercedes Benz has with Holm is the dedication both Holm and Benz’ attribute to their success and domination in their particular areas of expertise. This can be understood through Holm’s account of the intricacies and connections he makes between his mind and body which allows him to find his balance, and extenuate his style. It seems that Mercedes-Benz has found inspiration to recreate, renew, and perfect their own designs and concepts through a shared understanding of Holm’s words. 


“The compelling aspect of the unicycle to me is its simplicity…you’ve just got this one beautiful thing, a wheel…you don’t have suspension, you cant just plough over things, you have to react…that connection is what draws me to it, the lack of forgiveness. If you make a mistake your down, that’s it. It’s not about taking risks as much as it is about controlling them. Think about what your doing, be in control and focus on that line, or whatever your doing.”



It takes a great deal self-actualization and awareness to ride the road less traveled (especially with only one wheel), and Kris Holms has excelled in an arena which did not exist in such magnitude before his appearance into the sport.

Holm can be seen riding his unicycle while playing the violin on the silver screen in The Ski Channels new movie “Winter”, which premieres this Sunday December 4th in Los Angeles. Come check out the premiere, you might even see Kris Holms stuntin’ around West LA!


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But for now, pour yourself a glass of your finest Malbec, and enjoy the undeniable elegance of Mercedes-Benz TV: