EcoGroomer Rolls Out Environmentally Friendly Snow Groomer To Be Made in the USA

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 1, 2011 12:47 pm

It’s official: just in time for the 2011 ski season, EcoGroomer, Inc. – a Colorado based resort services company – has announced plans to produce 60 units of its vastly more efficient snow grooming equipment. The decision comes after extensive computer-aided design (CAD) modeling confirmed the feasibility of the machine’s innovative design as well as improved fuel efficiency. In addition to reducing total grooming expenses by millions of dollars per year at major resorts, the new machines will groom the slopes deeper and faster than traditional snow grooming equipment and will create a more consistent snow surface then ever before!

Accelerating U.S. clean technology innovation, manufacturing, and market creation has become not just an environmental necessity, but an economic imperative. As with many other sectors of the economy, the United States has seen its clean energy innovations commercialized overseas. A 2009 report by the Breakthrough Institute and Information Technology & Innovation Foundation entitled, “Rising Tigers, Sleeping Giant” reports the U.S. lags behind competitors in Asia and Europe in the production of virtually all clean energy technologies, from wind to nuclear power and from high-speed trains to plug-in hybrid cars and the advanced batteries that power them.

So, it is refreshing to learn that a US based construction and agricultural (ConAg) equipment manufacturer, defense industry sub-contractor as well as a Canadian firm will be supplying the major components of the new machines. Thanks to a modular design that will allow for rapid assembly at a modern facility in the Upper Midwest, fabrication will be highly efficient and cost effective. An estimated 20-30 jobs will be created as a direct result of the initial batch of units in the first year of production and the company expects to double that number of new jobs in 2013. Additionally, this bold new innovation has the potential to save over 20 million gallons of diesel by 2020 and will significantly reduce operating costs for resort operators.


The first resorts to receive the new machines will be located in the Rocky Mountain region. The next area to benefit from the new technology will be California’s Sierra Nevada range and the Pacific Northwest resorts. The roll out will expand quickly to include the Midwest and Eastern US regions, then to Canada and ultimately to the vast European ski resort markets by 2015.

Initially capitalized by the founder, Daniel Osborne and a small group of friends and an angel investor, EcoGroomer has retained a soon-to-be-announced investment banking power house in the Tampa Bay Florida metro area, to tap the capital markets and secure the significant financing required to execute their long-term market strategy.

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