Season 4 Premiere of Powder & Rails: Standard Films Pt. 1

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 1, 2011 12:09 pm

Get ready snowboarding fans, Powder & Rails is about to hit you in the face with the highly anticipated premiere of its fourth season. Brought to you by VICE and Burton, the first episode airs today (December 1st) with a look back at 20 years of Standard Films, carrying viewers from the very start to the new film “TB20″ (Totally Board 20). Season Four will feature legends such as Travis Robb, Mike and David Hatchett, Tom Burt, Chuck Barfoot, Tarquin Robbins, and Scott E. Wittlake.

In the first few episodes, viewers get to celebrate Standard Film’s 20th anniversary and see the world premiere of “TB20″ in Red Rocks, Colorado. VICE then meets up with Travis Robb and Mike and David Hatchett to witness some behind-the-scenes of the filming of “TB20″ in Alpine Meadows, Tahoe. Next up, quality face time with snowboarding’s first backcountry master, Tom Burt, as well as board developer, Chuck Barfoot and pro-boarders Jimmy Rippey and Jeremy Jones.

The season runs through February 16th with Episode 1 airing today and Episode 2 following closely behind on December 8th. Take a look at Episode 1 right here:


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STANDARD FILMS | Air Dates – Pt. 1: Dec 1 | Pt. 2: Dec 8 | Pt. 3: Dec 15 | Pt. 4: Dec 22

In celebration of 20 years of Standard Films, we head out to Red Rocks, Colorado to see the release of “TB20″ (Totally Board 20). The first of their kind to join together big mountain, back country boarding with freestyle hi- jinks, Travis Robb and Mike and Dave Hatchett, still love what they do. In this series, they invite us to see some of “TB20″ in the making at Alpine Meadows, Lake Tahoe, along with fellow snowboarders Gjermund Bråten, Gulli Gudmundsson and Halldor Helgason. We speak to the guys about Standard Films’ inception, tracking its history with the likes of pro-boarders Tom Burt, Jim Rippey and Jeremy Jones.

TOM BURT | Air Dates – Pt. 1: Jan 5 | Pt. 2: Jan 12

We catch up with snowboarding’s first backcountry maniac at his home in Lake Tahoe, CA. Jeremy Jones, Terje Haakosen, Nicola Müller and Noah Salasnek chime in on how influential Tom’s riding is to them. Tom gives us advice on how to deal with the fear of dying in the mountains and why his white Vuarnet shades will never go out of style.

CHUCK BARFOOT | Air Dates – Pt. 1: Jan 19 | Pt. 2: Jan 26

Chuck may be one of the nicest people in the history of snowboarding but he is also one of the most badass board developers. We find Chuck in his Ventura, CA work shop making Barfoot skateboards. Chuck tells us all the stories of how Ken Achenbach (owner of Camp of Champions at Whistler, BC) basically farmed the Barfoot Snowboards team from the western regions of Canada. Riders like Devun Walsh, Marc Morisset, Steve Blakley illustrate why Chuck and Ken are so important to snowboarding.

SUMMIT COUNTY | Air Dates – Pt. 1: Feb 2 | Pt. 2: Feb 9 | Pt. 3: Feb 16

Early 1990′s Summit County, Colorado is where snowboarding’s street skating influence all started. Midwesterners like Roan Rogers, Nate Cole, Dale Rehberg, and Jake Blattner descended on Breckenridge, CO and made snowboarding better forever. We get to chat with everybody from Marc Frank Montoya, Dave England, Mikey LeBlanc, Scott E. Wittlake, to Tarquin Robbins. Yes, we said Tarquin Robbins.