Bode Miller Risks it all for the Win at the Audi FIS World Cup in Beaver Creek

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 2, 2011 4:31 pm

Olympic Champion Bode Miller took his riding ability to the edge and beyond at Beaver Creek today. It all payed off with an absolutely flawless run leading him to victory in the Audi Birds of Prey downhill.

When asked what his methods to seize the win today were Bode responded; “It was tactics – being able to commit to taking that kind of risk. It’s really demanding on this hill. You see how tight the course is. If you try to back off in any spot, a few tenths can slip away from you and I didn’t back off anywhere. I had my foot on the gas the whole time.”

Bode is well accustomed to podium altitude in Beaver Creek, having won the Birds of Prey in 2004 and 2006. Today’s win marks his 33rd Audi FIS World Cup win of his skiing career and the manner in which he rode today made 1st place all the sweeter.

“I love to ski the way I did today. When I came across the finish line I was 100% satisfied, and it’s great to have it coincide with a win.”

Sasha Rearick the Alpine Men’s Head Coach explained;

“Bode skied really well. He threw down an amazing run top to bottom. He executed what he said he was going to do in terms of line. It was aggressive and was fantastic execution. He tucked in places that he hasn’t been tucking, so his downhill form and comfort is coming back and it’s great to see him execute on the race.”



This is the first world cup win for Bode Miller since January of 2010 at Wengen, Switzerland, and the first downhill win since Kvitfjell in March of 2008. After Lindsey Vonn’s victory a few short hours later in Lake Louise these two young Olympians duplicated their 2004 feat of dual American downhill victories on the same day!

While the level of skiing by the US Alpine Team is clearly at the top of the competitive scene so far this season, a lot must be owed to the technicians that ensure the gear used by the skiers is at the same level as which they will be ridden. Bode was outfitted with his HEAD downhill skis, a brand that is fast becoming synonymous with US skiing victory.

Sasha Rearick elaborated; “Our serviceman, Tschunti, did an amazing job. Bode had fast skis, especially through the top flats. Tschunti’s been doing this a long long time and today was his first downhill win as a serviceman – he’s won in all other disciplines but not downhill, so big congrats and great job by Head and his team.”

Four members of the US Men’s team placed in the top 30. Ted Ligety came in 22nd place, with Marco Sullivan 28th and Erik Fisher 29th.