Whitedot Team Skier, Matt Gerdes, Shares Epic China Adventure in Wingsuit

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 2, 2011 9:59 am

Matt Gerdes pushes the limits, to say the least. When he is not skiing epic backcountry as a Whitedot Freeride Team Rider, he is flying through the air in a wingsuit faster than Superman. This talented athlete is actually a world class squirrel flyer and test pilot at Ozone Paraglides, in addition to his freeskier title. Matt claims to be World Champion at having fun in the powder every year since 1980, hence why Whitedot thought he deserved a place on the Whitedot Pro Team. Based out of the French Alps with Chamonix and Les Arcs as his base for the winter, his search for pure adrenaline sure makes for some incredible footage.

To share with you today, is Matt’s recent trip to China, where he explores the open landscape by freefall! He is the one in the blue suit, surely mistaken for Superman by the Chinese spectators:

“Chinese Scenes”

Air to Air camera: Barry Holubeck


When in the snow, Matt Gerdes makes a mean turn on his Redeemer skies by Whitedot Freeride. According to Matt, ” the Redeemers excel in all soft snow… probably the funnest skis I have ever been on. They have a very stable and damp wood core feel, with a balanced and progressive flex. The amount of reverse camber is perfect. Since I tend to stay away from the hard stuff, I ski the Redeemers about 90% of the time, all winter.”

The video below, The Redeemers, at Andermatt from White Dot Freeride, demonstrates Matt’s endurance as he skis with a broken wrist not long after surgery:


   Photos: Adam Gorrill / Whitedot Freeride USA.



For more on Matt and his fast pace lifestyle, visit his website at: http://matttg.com/home.html

For get your Whitedot Freeride skis, visit: www.whitedotusa.com